FEMIBION food supplements

FEMIBION has developed supplements for the special phases of pregnancy, from before conceiving to the end of breastfeeding.  FEMIBION food supplements provide well chosen nutrients that, used as a complement to a balanced and varied diet, can support the mom and the baby during this special and exciting time.

Поддържане на искрата – без значение колко сте заети!

Помните ли времето, когато сексът беше нещо, което правите за забавление, вместо за бебе? В забързания живот половият контакт с вашия партньор понякога може да се възприема като поредната досадна задача. Ето няколко съвета как да запазите искрата и да приоритизирате удоволствието


Staying in shape can help you feel more positive about your body, not to mention give you more energy for getting physical. In fact, research shows regular trips to the gym can even help increase sex drive.

Book a baby-making break

A holiday could be just the thing you need to connect with your partner. Time away from work and other commitments will free up your mind to think about far more fun things.

Try something new

If sex is starting to feel a bit routine then it’s time to shake things up. Sit down together and write a list of the three things you’ve each always wanted to try in bed. This will help you see each other in a new light, and renew your interest in the bedroom.

Have sex ‘just because’

Try not to get too caught up in ovulation sticks and fertile windows. Even though knowing your cycle is important, research shows that couples who have regular sex throughout the month are more likely to conceive than those who time it solely around the fertile window. Focus on each other rather than babies and getting intimate will feel a whole lot more sexy and spontaneous.